Virginia Festival of Flight Temporarily on Hold

Updated January 1, 2018:

Attendance numbers at the 2017 Festival of Flight were fair for an event that has been resurrected after a three-year absence. Fair is not acceptable, but a start. The number of aircraft that flew in was impressive for a fly-in, but less than hoped for in a Festival of Flight. If we’re going to continue to face all sorts of bad luck items, seemingly out of our control, then why not make a fun series of events out of it.

Two Things Needed for the Future

Capacity – Aircraft, pilots, and aviation excitement. Without the aviation community participating at its peak, it is problematic to continue to have an effective festival focusing on the the greater community’s participation and involvement.

Sustainability – Creating a new legacy from those NOT currently in the mix. We must reach out to a new generation of aviators in addition to the older generation, to help build and maintain Virginia’s community of aviators.

Building Capacity and Sustainability

The Virginia Aviation Council will be focusing on gathering the aviation masses together around the state, identifying and recognizing leaders and players, and as such expand the Council’s reach through multiple efforts re-building this flying community. We shall put the Virginia Festival of Flight on hold until we can create a greater mass and movement.

How Will We Accomplish This?

A series of one-day state-wide fly-ins at multiple locations around the Commonwealth designed for aviators of all types

Offering the opportunity for hangar talk, food, people, competitions, workshops, and aviation camaraderie and community-building

Seeking opportunities for partnering with other organizations (EAA, AOPA, Clubs and/or Local Airports)

Building upon the already existing grass roots level of activity

For further information on this and other activities, please visit the Virginia Aviation Council website.