It makes no sense to drag out a decision regarding the weather.  This storm is heading right for the festival.  Even with the small amounts of possible deviation in the storm’s path, we are looking at a very wet weekend with a lot of wind.  North Carolina’s Governor has already declared a state of emergency. If Virginia’s Governor does the same it will mean that our rented tents will not be provided by the rental company.  Wind and mud are just not a wise combination for us.  Furthermore, given the path of the storm it makes more sense for all of us to stay home and not venture out.

I’m sorry it is playing out this way but we are cancelling the event.  The Virginia Aviation Council will be meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss this and future options that might be available.  I will keep you informed.

Thank you for your commitment to this event.  Hopefully we’ll have another opportunity in the future to try again.

Daniel Arkin
Fly-In Manager
Virginia Festival of Flight

#VAFOF – The Virginia Festival of Flight, an annual aviation event and fly-in held at Suffolk Executive Airport, will be held this year co-located with the Suffolk Peanut Festival on Saturday October 8, 2016 (rain date on Sunday October 9, 2016).  This event promises to be the most exciting yet.

Sponsored by the Virginia Aviation Council, by concurrenHot Newstly operating with the 39th Suffolk Peanut Festival, we are enhancing both our programs while presenting Virginia’s only statewide aerospace event of its kind.  This is accomplished through: fantastic opportunities to attract youth and aduSuffolk Peanut Fest logolts to all aspects of the field of aviation; informing attendees of a full range of aviation careers; providing details of ownership; discussing legal parameters; and sharing the many recreation adventures available.

Together, these two events result in creating a family atmosphere full of excitement, entertainment, education, and experiences.

Check out Suffolk’s weather for the coming weekend.