Event Planning Committee

The Virginia Festival of Flight and Fly-In is presented under the auspices of the Virginia Aviation Council.  A full cadre of volunteers come together to provide this one-day experience. Some work year round and some come together on the day of the event. Members of the Planning Committee (who will be joined by over 100 volunteers on the day of the event), are:

Festival and Fly-In Manager – Daniel Arkin
Photographer – Melissa Perry
Advisers – Betty Wilson (DOAV)

Operations Field Command

Field Setup and Take Down – Ron Van Sickle, Bradley Buer
Ground Control – Clark Rich, David Grow
Shuttle, Transit, and Fixes – Cliff Martin
UNICOM – Jenny Stack, Shirleen Bergren, David Epstein

Education Wing

Components of Flight – Richard Peters, Jay Willmott, Charles Collier
Young Eagles – Dick Merrill, Rolly Babcock
Youth Area – Janie Fowler

Support and Services Division

RV, Wing and Tent Camping – Dave Von Rump
Civil Air Patrol Point of Contact – Dean Gould
Operation Food & Thirst – Joshua Arkin
Pancake Breakfast – Eddy Sanders
Volunteers and Information – Jamie Arkin