Aircraft Registration

We especially welcome the arrival and participation of all aircraft. When driving-in, admission to BOTH festivals is $10/person, but for those flying in, you pay an admission fee of just $10/aircraft. Collected admission fees go towards supporting aerospace education. The entry fee covers access to BOTH the Virginia Festival of Flight and Fly-In AND the Suffolk Peanut Festival.  One fee for all that both festivals have to offer.  This may easily turn out to be the best $10 worth of fun and education available.

This fee is the same whether you are attending one or both festivals. Exact change with cash is required. ALL aircraft will be required to register, either in advance or onsite.

Aircraft security is always an issue. We will have a group of Ground Control volunteers whose responsibility is to safely park your plane, help with registration, provide pertinent materials, and keep people away from your aircraft when you are not around.


Upon landing, ALL aircraft will be directed to the intersection of 04/22 and 07/25 where they will then taxi to the parking area in use. Departure will be the opposite of arrival. NO aircraft will be permitted to depart via any means other than to the intersection of 04/22 and 07/25.

Once directed into a parking area, if you have registered your aircraft in advance, simply show the preregistered pass we’ll email you. If you haven’t preregistered, the ground control volunteers will have everything you need for a quick on-site registration process.  On-site you will need to pay with cash ($10).  All arrivals will be provided programs, maps, and fuel order prop cards.

Should you require fuel, you may pump it yourself (MOGAS or 100LL) or request service through use of the prop card provided when you register.  The Suffolk Airport has extended a special deal where you will pay the same price for aviation fuel from the truck as from the self service pump. SHOULD you require MOGAS, ground control will route you to the appropriate fuel pump.

Please use our online aircraft pre-registration link if you are prepared to pay via Paypal. Otherwise please plan to register on-site.

Online PayPal payment processing is part of the registration process. The aircraft registration form must still be completed. If payment is not received, we will ask you to register AGAIN on-site.

After you have registered online, you will pay via Paypal, by clicking on the “Pay Now” link at the bottom of the FORMS AND PAYMENTS page.  Be sure to enter the item description (Aircraft Registration – Your Name) and the amount ($10.00).  Last step is to email your PayPal receipt to flyinmanager @ to verify you have paid.