Food Trucks Information

You are invited to participate in an aviation festival that focuses on family, entertainment, and all things aviation, including: fly-by demonstrations, displays, demonstrations, vendors, presentations, plus all kinds of aircraft.  Over 300 airplanes have participated in previous years.

While the Suffolk Peanut Festival has a selection of food vendors on their site, we are inviting food trucks, like yours, to come in just for the one day.  You will be located totally on our festival grounds, interspersed among all of our activities.  We welcome FOUR food trucks total to cater to thousands of attendees on our side of the airport.  Why not bring your particular cuisine to the Festival of Flight?

There is no upfront cost for you to attend the Festival of Flight.  We ask that you agree in advance to pay 8% of your sales at the event, in lieu of a flat rate.

You may ask about the level of competition with Peanut Festival food providers. We expect a free flow of attendees between the two events. The Peanut Festival food vendors will be at the farthest distance from our event. We are inviting you to serve our attendees which will be scattered among the 2/3 of the airport. We will spread you out so your food truck is in an area of our venue by yourself. Your potential audience is incredible. Thousands of attendees will be in our Festival during the entire day.

To sign up for one of the four slots, simply commit to us in writing via email.

For more information, please contact me.  Remember, we have limited spaces for this opportunity.

Daniel Arkin
Fly-In Manager
Virginia Festival of Flight
804  320  3424