Components of Flight Presentations

This year’s educational happenings will address and be organized under the umbrella of Components of Flight. These activities include presentations, displays around the grounds, demonstrations, and other related activities. 11They will address: flying, buying, building, safety, career paths, maintenance, licensing, weather, related industries, technical, and  recreation areas of aviation. What makes this year special is that all of these components are designed for general attendees and aviators looking for fun and informative experiences. Think of them as casual round table happenings.  Why not start the day with a Safety Seminar?

We have many exciting topics this year, including:

All About Owning an Older Aircraft
Cross-Country Flying “Travelogue” to Mackinac Island, Michigan
Discover Soaring
FAA Wings Seminar
Introduction to Drones
Introduction to Formation Flying
Power Line Inspections with UAS
SUAS Flight Operations: Critical Information Every UAS Operator Should Know
The Making of Aviation Weather Forecasts
The Virginia Aviation Ambassador Program: Your Passport to Adventure
The Williamsburg Aviation Scholarship Program

The FULL schedule can be found here.